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200 HOUR
September - March 2024

Now more than ever we need more teacher guiding us through these rocky times. People are looking for ways to find peace of mind and good health. Whether you are interested in teaching or just learning more about yoga, yourself and you place on this earth, this is the training for you! At a time when many programs are filling up with large class sizes FUNdamental training goes back to the roots with limited class number and a personalized touch, as close to a one on one teaching experience that you can receive it insure the best outcome for the students. With a smaller group size you will receive the guidance to become a confident and wise yoga teacher.

Yoga Teacher Training New Hampshire
This program focuses on personal interaction through discussion and practice. Each student is learning from the other to create a rich and unique experience. Rich with one on one time from the lead teach who will give guidance and knowledge. Students graduate with the confidence to successfully Teach.
Yoga Teacher Training Yoga Alliance Approaved
Yoga Teacher Training New Hampshire

FUNdamental Teacher Training is now in Sessions...Stay tuned for the 2024 Training dates coming soon!!

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