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Yoga Teacher

Educational Background

I believe a teacher should stop teaching when the learning has stopped. I stand by that by constantly being in curious mode, learning and taking classes in person and online. I promise to bring you over 25 years study to help lead your yoga journey. This is not the full list now is it the final list. When you learn you grow. Growing is healthy. Learning is a part of being healthy and feeling good.

Kripalu Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training, Advanced Yoga Nidra Training, Core Vinyasa Flow, Uplift 200 and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Detox Flow Yoga, Trance Dance, Prenatal Yoga, Jnana Meditation, Metta Meditation, Yin, Restorative, Pilates, BodyFlow, Ayurveda Mastery, Ayurveda for Healthy Life, The Revolution Yoga Anatomy Teacher Training Course, Chair Yoga, Dance Chair Yoga and many more. 

Several Anatomy and Advanced Anatomy courses, some of them with Sadie Nardini, David Keil, Kristin Leal and Laurel Goehliner.

BA in Elementary Education, BA in Theatre Arts- Acting/Directing, BA in Dance-Functional Anatomy(Independent Study)

My Story

My long story started at about two years old when my mother realized I loved to dance and put me in dance class.  Passion ignited.  There is nothing like feeling free, leaping and spinning and enjoying the beauty of the body we live in.  I danced into college as I earned a Bachelor’s Degree concentrating in Dance. It was there, in dance classes I learned my first yoga-Sun Salutations.   I was lucky enough to go to a small college and worked with my dance Professor on in independent study in functional anatomy.  In my early twenties I was already noticing that although beautiful and incredible, some moving patterns hurt our body over time.  Right then and there I wanted to learn two things, the first being what is the true range of movement the human body can endure safely and two, how to care for the body so that it always feels healthy and strong and able to move fully.  By chance, just a few years after college graduation I started teaching yoga.  My first class was taught to preschool teachers after the day care center closed.  I knew this was my path.  Within a year I was teaching 17+ classes a week, going everywhere in the Nashua and Manchester Area.  I was working in schools, businesses, yoga studios and gyms before opening up a yoga studio, a community.  When my family grew I passed on the studio to loving hands.

 I was blessed enough to start my true yoga education thru Kripalu’s 200hr certification.  I continued studying with amazing beings and obtained many other certifications. I continue to study, learn, teach and grow.  Some of my more recent certifications have been completing another 200 and then 500hr YTT, Advanced Anatomy for 500Hr level Yoga Teacher, and a Mastery of Ayurveda. With 25 years of teaching, I have learned so much.  Most important is we are all different, beautiful and unique.  Our movement and body structures are also different, so our practice is our own.  Every person can benefit from some form of yoga. My story continues with my passion, wanting to help as many people as I can feel comfortable in their practice, body and mind through a healthy, balanced life. 

Some of the places I have worked; Daycare Centers, Retirement Living Facilities, High Schools, Gyms, Fitness Centers and Yoga Studios. Some of the places I have taught Corporate Yoga are Oracle, Penwell Publishing and Fidelity. 

Some of the workshops, retreats and trainings I have created and led are FUNdamental 200 Hour Teacher Training, Yoga Nidra Level One Teacher Training, Rest and Renew Retreat, Upside down and right side up-the yoga tricks, Contemplation Meditation, Yin and Restore, several Chakra Retreats, Ayurveda Retreats and several Clinics on how to do Yoga Poses and flows.

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