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Private Sessions With Paula

Practice done via zoom, at a studio or in your home. Private sessions always include my personal evaluation and a program created for you. I can guide with nutrition and lifestyle choices based on my knowledge in Yoga and basics of Ayurveda. Private sessions can work mobility, strength, flexibility, deepen your connection with yoga, achieve a specific goal, relax, aide in healing and wellness..the list goes on. I would love to see if this connects with what you are looking for.

Email me at to set up a time to talk and see if this is the right direction for you.

Zoom or a Studio Space in Nashua, NH 

Making things easy for you

Individual Class                           $85/1Hour


Sessions 5 Session Package          $400(5 one hour sessions)                                                                                       

10 Session Package                        $750(10 one hour sessions)                                                         

Travel to Your Home, Making it even easier for you 
 *additional travel charge due to distance may occur
Individual Class                  $135/1Hour*  
5 Session Package            $650
(5 one hour sessions)*
10 Session Package         $1,250(10 one hour sessions)
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